What to do when facing an eviction

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what to do when facing an eviction

Help ! I AM Being Evicted


Being Evicted from Your Home is not a pleasant feeling, it’s not only tenants that face eviction, it’s home owners too. Here are a few tips so you can get a better understanding of what happens and possibly what you can do when facing an eviction notice.

Facing Eviction

Tenants facing eviction:

This is usually the case when your landlord wants you out of their property due to maybe one or several reasons. It could be your not paying your rent or it could be that you have damaged the property or it might just be that the landlord wants to move into the property themselves. Whatever the reason the landlord is obliged to give you notice. If facing an eviction by the landlord you would need to check your tenancy agreement and see what it specifies about the notice period. This will help you check to see if your landlord is going about things legally.

The norm is to provide your tenant with a notice depending on what type of tenancy agreement you have this will be either a section 8 or section 21 notice.

Home-owners facing eviction:

If you are facing eviction as a homeowner then you will probably again receive notice firstly of proceedings to be commenced way before you receive your eviction notice from the court. This can range in timescales from 6-7 weeks after your proceedings have commenced, depending on the courts and the firm/company dealing with the eviction. If as a home-owner you are facing eviction then you can still try to save your home by making an application or by simply paying up in full the amount you owe the mortgagee.

Eviction Notice

Before an Eviction Notice Letter is served, a warrant is usually applied for by the mortgagee. In order to avoid the enforcement you should try to do something about the possession proceedings in the initial stages as this may thwart the proceedings.

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  • L’Obelisk Jewellers

    When a 29 years tennant of a perfectly good records is beeing evicted ,,,to have someone close to the owner replace her ,,,take her shop and give it to someone close to the owner ,,,,wha can you do to protect your rights ?

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